Our Menu

BBQ, Burgers, & Blues

The ‘Que

Rubbed with love and smoked all night over hickory wood, served with two sides

Pulled Pork


Smoked 12 hrs, hand pulled

Memphis Half


Chicken on the bone



Breast, smoked 5 hrs, hand-sliced

Pulled Chicken


Smoked 12 hrs, hand pulled


Smoked 12 hrs, hand pulled

Rack, 3 sides


Half Rack, 2 sides


Add 1/4 Rack to any order




Smoked 13 hrs, sliced or chopped



2 links, smoked and cured

Delta Double


2 different meats

‘Que Quintent


5 different meats

Tennessee Triple


3 different meats

Red Hot & Blue is a full-service, blues-themed restaurant chain and caterer. We feature delicious award-winning ribs, Memphis-style barbecue, smoked wings, and Southern sides and desserts. The atmosphere is steeped in legendary and contemporary blues music and delivers a large dose of Southern hospitality in a fun and entertaining dining environment.