Red Hot & Blue Annapolis enjoys the festivities of the holiday season every bit as much as our patrons! While there is always a special feeling in the air year round at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis, it is especially noticeable as November sets in. We also know that it is easy to stray from the eating regimen that your physician has recommended, or you have adopted as your personal goal. Well, rest assured that Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is tuned into the dietary needs of our customers. Please keep reading to learn more about how we tailor our menu to your calorie expectations.

Menu Options

• You may choose from several scrumptious salads that include the Texas Smokehouse Salad, the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, the Pulled Chicken Salad, the Southern Fried Chicken Salad and the regular Caesar Salad. Most are under 700 calories per serving! If you are watching your trans fat you won’t find any in these dishes and the saturated fat content is very low in all of the salads. Yes, salads at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis are healthy, good for you and simply delicious.

• There are a wide variety of soups and stews on the menu including Brunswick stew in a cup or bowl, chili in a cup or bowl, Idaho pig with your choice of beef brisket, chili, pulled pork or pulled chicken. Calories for these vary according to the specific combination of the dishes but many are less than 900 calories in total.

Our combination of sandwiches, platters and sides all come without any trans fats, and can be cooked to your request. Here are a few suggestions that will help you stay on your diet while dining out at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis.

• Limit the number of sides and appetizers you order and eat. These can quickly add calories to a lean meal.

• Control your portions. See if you can place a half-order instead of a full one. Or, have the waiter put half of the order in a to-go box and save it for later while eating the other half with your party.

The staff at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis wants you to relax and enjoy your visit at our establishment. We know that sticking to a diet is important and we will work with you to ensure you leave satisfied and regret-free!