As the locals know, Annapolis has many historic sites, but the city’s beauty is not limited to buildings and statues. All around Maryland’s capital is nature’s splendor. The best way to enjoy this scenery is a leisurely walk on Annapolis’ best hiking trails. The following will discuss the trails where you can ”take a hike” in Annapolis.

Baltimore & Annapolis Trail

Following the old Annapolis and Baltimore Short Line railroad route, the paved B&A trail runs 13.3 miles. This long hike will take hikers away from the noise of the cities and through woods, parks, and historic neighborhoods.

Broad Creek Trail

All contained within Broad Creek Park, this 4.7 mile looped trail climbs several hills and rises to 518 feet. Hiking this trail is a great way to get away from crowds and get closer to nature. Along the way, you will find a scenic small lake and stream. Dogs are allowed, and so you can walk with your best friend.

Greenbury Point Trail

Situated close to the United States Naval Academy Golf Club, this trail offers a scenic walk to view wildflowers blooming in all colors. Unpaved, the Greenbury Point Trail runs for 3.1 miles, and leashed dogs are permitted. Visit the nature center to find out more about the plants and wildlife of the area.

Historic Annapolis Ramble

This trail features several hills, so make sure you are in good shape for the nearly 8-mile hike through residential areas. At the middle of the trail is a peaceful park, where you can sit a spell and relax. Dog lovers can walk their best friends on a leash.

Quiet Waters Park

A looped paved trail 5.1 miles long, the hike is terrific for staying fit and dog walking. Visitors will be treated to a peaceful location with scenic views of the South River and lovely gardens. The trail offers wonderful surprises for lovers of wildlife, featuring an aviary and the occasional deer at dawn or twilight.

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