A way of life in Maryland that is disappearing, watermen and their heritage is an important aspect of Chesapeake Bay’s history. Watermen and their livelihood have had a significant impact on the region’s history, economy, and culture. Providing guests a closer look into how the bounty of the Chesapeake is harvested, Watermen Heritage Tours are special adventures. Proceeds also help preserve the tradition and culture of the Chesapeake Bay.

Tours on the Water

Boating on the Chesapeake accompanied by a waterman is a special experience. These experiences can involve crabbing, sunset sailing, skipjack charters, kayaking, and photography, giving participants a chance to find out how it is to make a living from the Chesapeake Bay. Family-friendly, some of these tours let guests choose the subjects that will be included. Below is a listing of the topics:

  • Crabbing
  • History tours
  • Cruises
  • Fish harvesting
  • Sustainable seafood and agriculture
  • Kayak tours
  • Oyster tonging (harvesting)
  • Skipjack sailing
  • Lighthouses
  • Oyster hatchery
  • Sportfishing

Tours on Land

Watermen must also work ashore for their livelihood. The trade of the waterman will be covered by these tours on land. Guests will be introduced to the soft-shell crab and oyster industries. They will get an opportunity to learn about the daily tasks that watermen have to do ashore. Below is a summary of the available tours on land:

  • Captain Charles & Mary Beth Brown offer private tours of oyster seeding facility.
  • Captain Grant Corbin, Sr. offers a peak into the life of a family of watermen.
  • Mark Connolly and Carol Bean will give attendees a glimpse of oyster and fish harvesting as well as sustainable agriculture and seafood.
  • Butch & Macy Walters will give participants a step-by-step tour of how a soft-shell crab is harvested and brought to the dining table.

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