After being forced to vacate public venues because of the pandemic and going completely virtual in 2020, the movies of the Annapolis Film Festival (AFF) will be returning to the big screen in the theaters of Maryland’s scenic seaside capital from April 8 to April 18, 2021.

Becoming a top-notch U.S. film festival within a decade, AFF cemented its great reputation over the years by gathering a superb slate of independent mainstream and independent movies since 2013 when the first event was held.

The Annapolis Film Festival has been successful because its organizers work year round gathering an excellent lineup of movies from all over the world. The festival’s collection of cinema comes from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North & South America.

2020 Edition

As mentioned above, AFF 2020 was virtual, creating a channel that screened the festival’s films online. The following is a summary of last year’s highlights to give you a flavor of the film’s slate.

  • On a Magical Night, which won the Best Actress award for Chiara Mastroianni at Cannes 2019.
  • Billy Crystal starring comedy Standing Up, Falling Down.
  • Maiden is an inspiring documentary about British sailing captain Tracy Edwards.
  • My Name is Sara, a moving Holocaust drama set in Ukraine by Director Steven Oritt.

Annual Shorts Challenge

The Annapolis Film Festival theme for this year is “…A More Perfect Union”, and the 2021 Shorts Challenge requests pitches for short films that suggest ways we can unite our divided nation.

The winner will get backing for making the short film. The assistance will include a camera, lighting, and editing. The short film will then get a prestigious premiere at the Annapolis Film Festival next year.

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