Scheduled to reopen during December 2020, the Annapolis Maritime Museum (AMM) commemorates and illustrates how the Chesapeake Bay has played an important role in the history and life of Maryland’s capital. AMM was built in 1990 for the purpose of preservation, research, education, and public enjoyment.

The AMM is a state-of-the-art educational facility, an exhibition gallery, and a community assembly hall located in Annapolis’ Eastport district. This two-part article will cover the tours and exhibits the museum offers.

Private Museum Tour

Trained docents will guide visitors on a fascinating one-hour tour of AMM’s permanent exhibit. Attendees can choose one of three Focused Tours as summarized below.

Ecology – This hands-on tour allows visitors to interact with the Chesapeake Bay’s aquatic life swimming in two 500-gallon aquariums.

Oyster Harvesting – Long a provider of livelihood, visitors will learn how the oyster has both fueled the economy and influenced the culture of Annapolis.

Annapolis Waterfront – You can discover much about Annapolis’ fascinating maritime history on this virtual boat ride. The city’s recreational boating, shipping, and boat building activities over the centuries will be detailed.

Youth Museum Tour

This private youth tour will highlight the museum’s new permanent exhibit where young students can learn about the Chesapeake Bay ecology, watermen, and the Annapolis region’s remarkable history.

Kids can watch feedings of sea life swimming in two 500-gallon aquariums. Adventure seekers can costume themselves as watermen for a virtual scavenger hunt. The experience is ideal for school-aged groups.

For More Information: Annapolis Maritime Museum Tours

Part 2 will cover the Annapolis Maritime Museum’s Educational Mission, Museum Exhibits, and Art Exhibits.

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