As three-quarters of the Earth is composed of water, it is not surprising that mankind turns to the oceans and rivers to find food. We tend to enjoy fish, shellfish, and roe. In other parts of the world, edible sea plants are often on the menu, but this is uncommon in North America.

Research shows that fish is an excellent source of a variety of healthy nutrients including minerals and protein and those very important Omega-3 fatty acids that are ‘heart-healthy’. Nutritionists recommend that adults eat up to eight ounces of seafood a week as part of a complete diet. A lesser amount should be included in a child’s diet.

  • Salmon is arguably the most popular type of fish in the world – it can be served cooked or raw (or canned) and contains a variety of complex nutrients including B12 and selenium. It is also chock full of vitamins and antioxidants while being calorie-limited.

Salmon is a favorite item on the Red Hot & Blue Annapolis menu. Our salmon fillet meal is prepared with a unique blend of spices and a helping of rice and vegetables to round out the plate.

  • Catfish got their name because they have fleshy ‘barbels’ that resemble whiskers. There are almost three thousand species of catfish around the world! Catfish is much different than salmon. It is not nearly as fatty but has many of the same vitamin and mineral benefits as well as being a great source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis serves catfish two ways – breaded or blackened. We also offer catfish as part of a surf and turf meal to complement a plate of ribs. Finally, if you are looking for catfish on the menu, don’t forget to check the appetizer section. It can be found there in the form of ‘catfish fingers’ that – yep, you guessed it – are breaded and served with fries! In case you haven’t figured it out yet we love serving catfish because our customers enjoy them so much!

The staff at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis invite you to stop by or place an online order! We are confident you’ll come back time and again for this healthy cuisine. Contact us at (410) 626-7427.