The menu at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is extensive. Our selections run from cocktails to appetizers, stews and soups to sandwiches, burgers, and salads to desserts and more. In fact, it may take some time to peruse the entire menu before deciding on the exact combination to please your palate!

However, as the country has been affected by the pandemic it has become necessary for restaurants to adapt while continuing to serve our clientele. Now we must take into account recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and other experts on staying safe. That means the employees at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis go the extra mile in providing several options for enjoying our delicious cuisine.

One of the most successful ways of getting our items to your dining room table is to utilize the variety of online delivery services available. Simply place your order online or by phone and have it delivered right to your home by one of the many food delivery services that are available. That includes Doordash, Grubhub or Uber Eats. Your food and drink will arrive promptly, hot (or cold if it is meant to be served that way) and ready to enjoy. Utensils and serving items are available on request.

You also have the option of ordering for pick-up. Many restaurants have turned to this option and Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is doing a brisk business by serving our customers ‘car-side’. In other words, you park in one of our convenient ‘to-go’ parking spaces, call or text us, and we will bring your order out to you – all packed up and ready to serve. This is an excellent alternative for people who want to get out of the house but still maintain social distancing.

Finally, as the country begins to open back up you can include us among the restaurants that now offer outdoor canopy dining to help to keep the elements at bay. Many of our regulars are enjoying the opportunity to return to a sense of normalcy while still following recommended guidelines.

And for those of you who long for the ‘good old days’ – we are now offering limited seating indoors. So, come on by – and indulge. Here at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis, we’ll be waiting for you!