Mix a day’s hiking with finding out more about Maryland by spending a day on the Baltimore and Annapolis (B&A) Trail. Scenic and paved, the 13-mile trail sits on 112 acres and is filled with history lessons.

The trail lies along what was once the Annapolis & Baltimore Short Line railway, which began running trains carrying cargo and passengers in 1880. It influenced the shape of the Washington, D.C. suburbs, and the defunct rail line still courses through woods, parks, and neighborhoods.

Resting Places

For hikers who would like to do a bit of shopping during the journey, the Marley Station shopping center will be awaiting them on the trail. History fans can visit the Earleigh Heights Ranger Station, which was built in 1889.

Several pocket parks also lie on the trail. These are gardened charming alcoves offering tables for those who would like to rest and have refreshments. An example is Severna Park, which is located near the Park Plaza Shopping Center. There the Pedal Pushers shop rents bicycles to trail goers.

History A to Z

Volunteers maintain the kiosks and colorful flower gardens of the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail. They spend hours beautifying the route year round. Historical markers from A to Z sit along the trail. The Winchester Station House, in Manresa at the Annapolis head of the trail, is “A” on mile 0.1. Sawmill Branch, the water and power source of locals in the early 18th century, is “Z” at mile 13.3.

Planet Walk

Sponsored by NASA, a fascinating exhibit displaying our solar system awaits trail goers close to Harundale Mall. Planet Walk features the planets and Sun along the 4.7 mile section of the B&A Trail between Glen Burnie and Severna Park. The Sun and each planet are accurate to scale and are accompanied by educational storyboards providing scientific facts.

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