For a relaxing day outdoors in Annapolis, visit Jonas Green Park and the nearby Maryland World War II Memorial. You can enjoy the outdoors while enjoying nature and honoring America’s fallen heroes. Both sites are free to the general public.

Jonas Green Park

Overlooking the Severn River, Jonas Green Park is a beautiful public recreation area owned and managed by Anne Arundel County.

Sitting on the east end of the Naval Academy Bridge on Maryland Route 450, the park is named after Jonas Green, who was Maryland’s public printer during the colonial era.

The park is located on the southern end of the scenic Baltimore & Annapolis Trail, and it features a visitor’s center, boat launch, and fishing pier.

On TripAdvisor, visitors gave Jonas Green a rating of 4.5 out of 5.  They were especially impressed by the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Some were struck by the lovely views of the waters of the Severn River and the United States Naval Academy. A few mentioned enjoying a day casting for rockfish from the park’s fishing pier. Couples liked picnicking and taking a walk along the river bank.

Maryland World War II Memorial

 Open 24 hours daily, the memorial honors 6,454 Marylander’s who sacrificed their lives during World War II. The most interesting features are described below.

  • World War II milestones and turning points are commemorated by 20 plaques. Maryland’s contributions from 288,000 military men and women, along with civilians who worked in wartime industries at home, are honored.
  • Dominating the site is an obelisk that is the memorial’s tallest structure. It is seven-sided, symbolizing Maryland’s status as America’s seventh state. A large star is on top of the obelisk, and is illuminated at night.
  • Two globes measuring 14 feet in diameter are marked with the places of important battles in the western and eastern hemispheres.

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