Throughout the USA, a barbecue will be the center of many celebrations during the 4th of July weekend. It will be the same in the Annapolis area, where Red Hot & Blue Annapolis has a friendly location ready to serve you. Now how did barbecue become such a popular tradition? It all started in the Southern states.
How the Celebrations Began

Right after the Revolutionary War Americans celebrated our independence from the British by holding public dinners. In the South, these July 4th dinners eventually became sizable barbecues held outdoors.
During the 1820s, these Southern barbecue dinners became formalized ceremonies. Writers of the day described very similar Independence Day celebrations that were held in the Carolinas, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.

People began gathering in the morning at a local gathering spot on the 4th of July. Led by a local militia, they marched to a county courthouse or church. Every ceremony began with a prayer, which was followed by a formal reading of The Declaration of Independence. Patriotic songs and speeches concluded the ceremonies. Afterwards, the crowd headed to a shaded area, where they feasted on barbecue.

The Feasts

Free to all attending, these huge Southern barbecues celebrating the 4th of July were made possible by the generosity of local folk. Meat was obtained through donations from the community. This was typically what the local ranchers and farmers had available and could be chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, or an entire steer, which were roasted over wood coals. Staples such as bread, corn, cucumbers, and watermelon were served on the side.

Toasting America

When the feasting was complete, the formal toasts began. They invariably numbered 13 to honor the first states founded by the original colonies. Each of the 13 toasts was made by a prominent citizen selected beforehand. They would then be followed by many local volunteers, who also offered toasts honoring our young country’s ideals and heroes.
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