Summer is heating up, and the biggest event of the season is the 4th of July Holiday Weekend. You may have been planning a barbecue party at your house to celebrate our country’s birthday. But the list of the people you want to invite keeps growing, and you aren’t that sure you have the time and energy to get the celebration ready.

This is where Red Hot & Blue Annapolis can step in with catering services for events like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, football parties, graduations, company picnics, corporate meetings and presentations, retirement parties, weddings, and banquets.

Advantages to Catering

When you get catering services from Red Hot & Blue Annapolis, you won’t have to deal with the dishes and utensils. We can provide the forks, spoons, knives, plates, napkins, salt, pepper, corn skewers, serving containers, serving spoons, and tongs.

Your guests will be feasting on our delicious barbecue, and you won’t have to put on an apron or lift a finger. You won’t have to fire up the grill and get hot slaving over it for a couple of hours. Your toes can be dipping in the pool with a drink in your hand while we do all the work.

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis provides catering services ranging from cooking and serving on-site to delivery or pick up. Our catering team is experienced and can give you the advice you need for planning your event, including choosing the appetizers and desserts you will serve at your party.

Convenience & Savings

Although people think catering is expensive, catering a 4th of July party could save both time and money. Red Hot & Blue Annapolis will eliminate all the guesswork and worrying about how much you will need to buy, cook, and serve for your event. You’ll save money from not overbuying food and refreshments. We also offer catering packages for under $10 per person.

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis Highlights

Founded in 1988, Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is a full-service, casual-themed restaurant chain and caterer featuring delicious award-winning ribs, Memphis-style barbecue, smoked wings, and Southern sides and desserts.

The atmosphere is steeped in legendary and contemporary blues music and delivers a large dose of Southern hospitality in a fun and entertaining dining environment. Call Red Hot & Blue Annapolis at (410) 626-7427 for all your catering needs in the Annapolis area today!