Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is dedicated to customer service in our restaurant. We realize that a dissatisfied visitor will not return and may also influence others to do the same. Therefore, we have created a simple Guest Survey form so you can give us feedback on your dining experience at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis. We cannot overemphasize that we take every response seriously and use it to improve our employee training. We also review your feedback for opportunities to reflect on how we do business and meet our customers’ needs. Here are some of the benefits of taking the survey:

• When you take a few moments to fill out the survey you can be guaranteed it is reviewed by our employees and managers during one of our regular staff meetings. Customer feedback is an excellent resource for measuring the extent of our clientele satisfaction. In fact, it is one of the most valuable resources. It tells us you took the time to think about your dining experience. When it’s put in writing then we have testimony to the positive and/or negative actions that are occurring in our establishment. It is simply one of the best resources we can amass that tells us how we are doing and how we can improve.

• When you take a few moments to fill out the survey you are taking part in our ability to retain customers. If you share the parts of the dining experience that you found positive and those you were not pleased with – then we are able to make adjustments to our process. While no one likes to hear negative comments, it is better to get them in writing than to have the issue result in a loss of business.

• When you take a few moments to fill out the survey you are inserting yourself into the decision-making process of the business. Written assessments, no matter how brief or concise, allow us to determine if there are areas that may need to be improved. The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and people often give their input simply by choosing one establishment over another. Experts advise that customer feedback is one of the most reliable sources for data that is tangible and usable in assessing business performance and decisions.

So, go ahead, tell us how we’re doing. We won’t be offended! We’ll be appreciative! From our perspective it allows us to ensure that every visit to Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is the best ever!