If you have ever stopped by Red Hot & Blue Annapolis then you are familiar with our dining hours. We are here every day for our lunch, evening and late-night supper crowds. We offer special happy hours every day and have a menu second-to-none! We even have a special menu designed just for children! We also cater, do fundraising and try very hard to anticipate what our customers and fans will want to make their Red Hot & Blue Annapolis experience ever-more rewarding.

To that end, we have gone ‘digital’ to keep up with the times. In other words, our team is able to more fully connect with our customers – you can now find us anywhere and everywhere on line! Let us explain this more thoroughly.

First, we have an excellent presence on Facebook. Our Facebook community is growing, and a quick stop at our site helps you to better visualize our food and service. We encourage you to take a minute to visit our Facebook page. We keep it updated with pictures of friends who have enjoyed a meal with us. Take a look – you just might see someone you know having a plate of our famous ribs!

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is also on Twitter. We love Twitter because it is a wonderful social media platform that connects people. Other sites you can find us on include TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Then, of course, there is our homepage at https://www.redhotandblue.com/annapolis-md/. This is your go-to site for Red Hot & Blue Annapolis. For instance, do you need to know our hours and location? Check the website. And what about the menu? Do you want to be sure there’s ‘something for everyone’? Check the website. (Hint – we can tell you in advance that with our selection of stews, soups, salads, meats and sides we simply appeal to all appetites.)

Now that you know how to learn more about us, we hope you allow us to show you first-hand how great a Red Hot & Blue Annapolis experience can be. We invite you to dine in or carry out some of the best fare this side of the Mississippi!