Even though the holidays are firmly behind us, the city of Annapolis goes to great lengths to build and share community all year round. Education, sports, arts and crafts and other events occur through the month of January – beckoning Marylanders from their homes out into the brisk beautiful winter weather. What follows are just a few of the fun and exciting functions and gatherings.

  • With the Naval Academy in our midst there are numerous sports events that are inexpensive yet fun to attend with friends and family. It’s never too early to help your family become lifetime fans of ‘Navy’.
  • The choice of music events is endless and appeals to all tastes and genres. Like old time music from the sixties? Three Dog Night is playing on the Rams Head Stage. There will be gospel singers, rap musicians, orchestras and live bands available to enjoy somewhere in Annapolis this month.
  • Art and museum lovers will be able to browse to their heart’s content in January. Annapolis boasts some of the most coveted buildings that host scientific, cultural, historical and other artifacts that can hold your interest for hours. The Annapolis Maritime Museum and Park and the Banneker-Douglass Museum are just two of the

fine destinations for those who are looking to understand humanity just a bit better.

  • Happy hours in Annapolis often come with their own brand of fun. One of the most entertaining draws these days mixes drinks with singing – in the form of karaoke. If you are the type who gets braver after a beer or two, and are confident you are the next Mariah Carey or Justin Bieber, then a happy hour somewhere in Annapolis is calling you!


Remember, that at the end of any event that Red Hot and Blue Annapolis is a great place to warm up and enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods and drinks.