Annapolis, Maryland is one of the most unique and beautiful locations in the entire United States. The city sits on the south bank of the Severn River and the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and the views and environment are breathtaking all year long. The brisk winter air laden with salt water and frothy waves draws even the staunchest homebound to the outdoors! Annapolitans – as they are often referred to – swear they are residents for life.

As if the weather and geography aren’t enough to keep the population happy – the number of community and cultural events that occur monthly will keep everyone busy. Here are just a few of the many events you can enjoy in the month of February in Annapolis.

  • African American Heritage Tour. February is Black History Month and Annapolis is home to several important African Americans including Alex Haley and Thurgood Marshall. Feel free to book a spot on this tour for a nominal fee – or do a little research on your own to discover the most important Black History sites in the city.
  • Sports lovers can get tickets to see basketball, hockey and other events with teams from the multiple universities in the area including Loyola, the United States Naval Academy and more.
  • Annapolis has several theaters with plays and presentations you are sure to enjoy so check the calendar for a list of the theater programs in the city.

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day! It falls on a Friday which means you can go out and enjoy an evening without having to go to work the next day! And if you are looking for a fun destination that will leave you with lingering memories, we would like to extend a personal invitation to Red Hot and Blue Annapolis! We guarantee we will help to make it a ‘night to remember’!