With summer winding down and the weather cooling off, you might be thinking about what sort of fun events you can plan for this autumn. There’s no doubt that fall is a great season for spending time with friends and family, and there are a lot of options for activities that you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy. To help make your event planning a little easier, Red Hot & Blue Annapolis offers the best in catering services. We’d love to be a part of your next get-together. Stumped on ideas? Here are some suggestions.

One of the many reasons to love fall is that it’s ideal for bonfires. To make your bonfire party enjoyable for your guests, you can do some extra things to make it a little more cozy for them. If it’s a chilly night, you might leave some toasty blankets in a basket for your guests to take if they need them. If it’s for a special event, get creative! Fairy lights, hay bale seating, and mason jar lanterns are some fun and festive decor ideas to give your party a rustic touch.

Fall also offers great weather and gorgeous scenery for family reunions. You can include activities for all age groups, such as pumpkin bowling, a scavenger hunt, or even just taking fun photos for a family album.

Fall Festive Parties

If you’d like to have a smaller group, you could invite some friends over for a “minute to win it” night, with party games and fall-themed prizes. Fill an apple basket with cozy socks, sweet treats, pumpkin-scented candles, and other autumn-related goodies for the game winners!

Lastly, one of the most important parts of any social occasion is the food. Red Hot & Blue Annapolis can cover your catering needs to help make your event a success. If you’d rather avoid the hassle of picking a venue, why not reserve a spot at our restaurant? We’ve got a family-friendly atmosphere and delicious food to make your visit a memorable occasion for you and your guests. Happy fall!