There are few things Americans anticipate more than the sequence of holidays that run into each other when fall sets in. Autumn is a mix of changing weather, perhaps changing teams if yours does not live up to the hype and several months of non-stop festivities. Each year you can hear people bemoan the fact that the stores are introducing Christmas earlier and earlier. But that is because we love the season and all of the good things it brings.

Football Season

However, we are getting a little ahead of ourselves. It is still September and the heat does not exactly scream ‘Winter Wonderland’. Give it a bit! Now, let’s take a minute to figure out how football came to be all the rage in the U.S. Research shows that a full 35% of Americans claim football is their favorite sport. This includes all of its renditions – high school football, college and pro football and all levels of kiddie football. Today football is consumed in five-day marathons that stretch from Thursday to Monday night. Disciples of the sport would likely support even more additions of teams that would offer an enhanced viewing opportunity. Many large cities in the country will lobby now and again to have an expansion team placed in their locale. That is because they know it’s good for business and the reputation of the area.
Interestingly, as much as Americans love their football, a spring and summer franchise continues to miss the mark. Perhaps there is no changing die-hard fans – they like their football from August to February but after that it’s baseball time. Beginning with the preseason games in August, Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is busy day and night entertaining our football fans with some of the best food and entertainment this side of the Mississippi. The fans love football and we love our fans!
If you are looking for a great place to enjoy your passion for football, make Red Hot & Blue Annapolis your new destination. We look forward to serving you.