The thermometer read 92 outside, but inside about 65 Annapolis Senior Activity Center members could almost feel the ocean breezes at their island party.

The steel drum music was so invigorating that even the mailman momentarily paused to show off his dance moves. When the seniors applauded and asked for more, he obliged for a few more minutes before continuing his rounds.
Solo musician Orlando Phillips also enticed quite a few seniors to stand up and do the “dollar wine,” a dance popular in Trinidad that has only four simple moves. Phillips taught the seniors the moves with the following instructions: “move to the left, one cent; to the right, five cents; to the front, ten cents; and to the back, one dollar.” As the dance tempo quickened, the chant changed to “a dollar, a dollar, a dollar, a dollar!”
The island party experience was also laid back as seniors ate pulled pork sandwiches from the Red Hot & Blue restaurant and listened to Phillip’s sing and play music on his steel drums. Songs included “Over the Rainbow” and “Red Red Wine.”
Leis, little umbrellas and colorful outfits all added to the fun and relaxing island atmosphere.
Written and published by Capital Gazette.