What are food allergies, and why are they a big deal?
In people with food allergies, the body’s own immune system mistakenly identifies a normal food protein as a dangerous substance and stages a defensive attack against it. The body begins producing chemicals that cause a variety of reactions, ranging from itching and hives, to wheezing, vomiting, or swelling of the lips, face, or tongue. At their most severe, food allergy reactions can interfere with breathing and become life-threatening. For reasons currently unknown to researchers, food allergies and sensitivities have become more common in recent years.

For families with food allergies, eating out can sometimes be a less-than-enjoyable experience. Parents of children with allergies to common foods such as milk, eggs, and nuts may understandably avoid restaurants altogether out of fear that the child may accidentally consume one of these ingredients.
Red Hot & Blue understands that having to worry about the risk of hidden ingredients takes the pleasure out of an otherwise enjoyable meal. Fortunately, the company has created a comprehensive allergy and nutrition chart that allows patrons with allergies to select and enjoy their meals with confidence. The chart lists each menu item along with its complete nutritional breakdown, and clearly identifies which common allergen(s) it contains.
Both the regular and child menus, with full allergen and nutritional information, are available on Red Hot & Blue’s website and at the restaurant. At Red Hot & Blue, diner safety and satisfaction is the number one priority. Patrons who have any questions or concerns about the menu items they would like to order are encouraged to speak with the staff. Pay a visit soon and enjoy a meal with confidence at Red Hot & Blue!