So, you’re hosting an event. It might be a big event or a small cozy affair. What you know for sure is that you do not intend to cook. You are going to have the affair catered! Why not? Often people who host parties feel it is too stressful to spend the day cooking and then be fresh to host.

There is an endless supply of food choices and businesses that cater. Before you make a final decision, be sure and pose the following questions to each company you contact. Take the time to write down the information so you can compare the pros and cons of each company. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about who you would like to hire.
• Do you have a signature dish that you are known for? What is the extent of your menu? Do you take requests? Food is a key part of any party. It is often the thing people will remember long after the day has faded. Think about the last event you attended. What do you remember about the food? Is it a memory you would want your own guests to carry with them?
• Do you prepare the food in your kitchen and bring it to the event or do you make the food at the home of the people who are hosting the party? If you do prepare it at the home of the host, will you require anything special in the way of dishes, serving items, ovens and refrigeration, dishes and more?
• Do you have full-coverage insurance should there be a problem? Are you licensed and is that information available online?
• Tell me about your wait staff. Do they wear uniforms? Are they trained?
• What type of accommodations do you make for people who have food allergies? How far in advance would you need to know or do you automatically provide some food items that are free of common allergy substances?
• Can you tell me a little about the way the food is arranged and set out? Do you do special table settings?
Finally, be sure to get the cost and breakdown of prices. Ensure you know what is part of the package and what might be extra. Then hire your caterer!
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