People are so adventurous these days. Where once we would ‘leave it to the experts’ now we want to be the experts! This is especially true when it comes to cooking. New avenues of becoming an adept chef pop up all the time. The latest craze is cooking at home instead of eating out and we applaud the tenacity and willingness to try new things – nothing could be more American!

So, let’s say you have decided to try your hand at the specialty area of barbecuing. No doubt you love the flavors of barbecue that can be had at Red, Hot & Blue Annapolis so you start by shopping their select group of sauces and having a few sent to your home. But, what’s next? Well, here are some ideas to help make your foray into the world of barbecuing more successful.
• Different types of grills will give you a distinctly different flavor. The charcoal grill provides a naturally smoky flavor. But the coals must be lit and burn for at least 20 minutes prior to beginning the grilling process. Gas grills are easier to use.
• If you want your foods to cook faster then use direct heat. This is recommended for burgers and dogs, but slower cooked meats should be grilled over indirect heat.
• A meat thermometer is a must have for anyone who wants to become expert at barbecuing. There are several other tools you should keep handy as well. For example, tongs and spatulas, a variety of soft-bristle brushes, aluminum pans and grilling mitts. Remember not to use tools that have uncooked food on them that can then transfer to other foods.
• Only baste your meat during the final 2-5 minutes of cooking. This is true for adding sauces, such as the Red, Hot & Blue barbecue sauce of your choice. The less you flip the meat, the more the juices stay in, so only flip it once or twice.
• Your meat will continue to cook for up to 10 minutes once it has been removed from the grill. Keep this in mind so you won’t under or over cook it.
Be sure to pair our sauces with your barbecue finesse. And remember, if you want to enjoy the barbecue without the work, then visit Red, Hot and Blue Annapolis. We always look forward to the opportunity to serve you!